Yo-kai Watch 2 Tip — Quickly Raise Yo-kai for Competitive Play

Yo-kai Watch 2 Training

In order to maximize a Yo-kai's stats during Official Battles, two mechanics must be utilized: the Springdale Sports Club, which can give up to +25 to a single stat, and Attitudes, which can give up to +26 to a single stat. While slowly Leveling a Yo-kai to Level 60 was previously thought to be the fastest way to get the maximum Attitude stat increase, there is a much quicker way. This method also raises a Yo-kai's Seriousness to its maximum, eliminating the need to use A Serious Life.

  1. 1. Go to the Fish Place by Jibanyan's crosswalk in Uptown Springdale.
  2. 2. Buy a full stack of Mackerel and take it to Jungle Hunter.
  3. 3. Redeem the Mackerel for Jungle Points and head back to the Fish Place.
  4. 4. Buy 12 more Mackerel and trade them in again.
  5. 5. Use all the Jungle Points obtained from the Mackerel to buy 99 Small Exporbs.
  6. 6. Use the Small Exporbs on the untrained Yo-kai.
  7. 7. Buy one more Small Exporb and use it on the untraied Yo-kai. That Yo-kai is now fully trained.

The reason this works is due to how Attitude stat gains work. Every Yo-kai has a hidden Personality value. Completing a PvE battle gives that Yo-kai one Personality Point. The full benefit of Attitudes is reached at 300 Personality Points, resulting in Attitude point gain being very slow. At least, it would if Attitude points could not also be gained by using Exporbs. Using Exporbs on a Yo-kai gives the following amounts of Attitude points:

Exporb Personality Points
Mini Exporb 1
Small Exporb 3
Medium Exporb 6
Large Exporb 12
Mega Exporb 20
Holy Exporb 30

Raising Personality also Levels the Yo-kai's Seriousness. This can save a large sum of money by eliminating the need to use A Serious Life.

Credit for Personality information goes to the wonderful Togenyan. Thank you for your contributions to the Yo-kai Watch community.