Yo-kai Watch 2 Guide — Perfecting Yo-kai Stats With the Springdale Sports Club

Yo-kai Watch 2 Sports Club

While Attitude and Equipment have granted some influence over Yo-kai stats since Yo-kai Watch 1, Yo-kai Watch 2 has added more customization with a facility some players might completely miss: the Springdale Sports Club. This guide covers how to unlock it and how to use it to help Yo-kai reach their maximum potential.

Unlocking the Springdale Sports Club

Yo-kai Watch 2 Sports Club Location

Unlocking the Springdale Sports Club is completely optional and easy to miss, but it is not actually difficult to do. Players first must make their way to the Construction Site in Downtown Springdale. Fans of the original Yo-kai Watch game might recognize this location as the dungeon Massiface is fought in. While the Construction Site dungeon unfortunately can not be revisited, its location does serve another purpose.

Yo-kai Watch 2 Sports Club Baffle Board

Hidden away in the upper right corner of the Construction Site is a Baffle Board. The solution to the Baffle Board, Mochismo, can be found on the second floor of Springdale Elementary in Uptown Springdale at night. His favorite Food is Rice Balls. As a D-Rank, he should not be too difficult to recruit.

Once Mochismo is befriended, he can be summoned at the Construction Site's Baffle Board to begin construction of the Springdale Sports Club. This process will take three real life days. It is important to be patient and not change the 3DS system clock; this will result in multiple penalties for trying to cheat, including delaying the Sports Club's construction.

Using the Sports Club

Yo-kai Watch 2 Sports Club Yo-Formance

Using the Springdale Sports Club to increase a Yo-kai's stats is a relatively simple process. Each Yo-kai has five Yo-formance upgrades possible. Each Yo-formance upgrade raises one stat by 5 points while lowering another stat by 2 points. The first Yo-formance upgrade costs 100 GP with further upgrades costing an additional 50 GP each time. In total, it costs 1000 GP to fully upgrade a Yo-kai. Yo-formance upgrades are not permanent; they can be reset for 300 GP. The highest possible changes Yo-formance can have on a Yo-kai's stats are +25 and -10 in one stat each. The possible stat changes are listed below:

Raised Lowered

Earning GP

Yo-kai Watch 2 Sports Club GP

GP can be earned by participating in battles at the Springdale Sports Club. On the second floor of the Sports Club, there is a Baffle Board. By Summoning Sgt. Burly, the GP rewards for all Sports Club functions will be permanently increased by 20%. Every player should do this before beginning to use the Sports Club, so all GP values listed below factor in the 20% boost. There are three types of battles at the Sports Club: Knockout Bouts, Mission Battles, and Boss Rushes.

Knockout Bouts

Yo-kai Watch 2 Sports Club Knockout Bouts

Knockout Bouts are a series of ten Official Battle-style fights. Winning a battle nets a certain amount of points depending on the difficulty. If all 10 battles are cleared, a GP bonus is given. There is also an option for fights without Official Battle rules, which makes grinding GP quite easy.

There are four difficulties: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Gold is the toughest difficulty and may be too challenging for inexperienced players. Platinum is an endless mode with the same 240 GP win bonus as Gold, but there are two reasons for playing it: reaching 100 wins earns a Gold Trophy, and each player's highest win streak is displayed on their Profile. The GP rewards for each difficulty are listed below:

Difficulty GP Per Win 10 Win Bonus Total GP
Bronze 120 GP 600 GP 1800 GP
Silver 180 GP 1200 GP 3000 GP
Gold 240 GP 2400 GP 4800 GP

Mission Battles

Yo-kai Watch 2 Sports Club Mission Battles

Mission Battles are single battles with certain restrictions, such as winning without using Soultimate Moves. Each Mission Battle awards 360 GP upon completion, and completing all of them earns a Silver Trophy. As with all Sports Club challenges, Mission Battles give valuable rewards when completed for the first time, such as three copies of A Serious Life. Due to their short nature, completing all of them once for some easy rewards is highly recommended.

Boss Rush

Yo-kai Watch 2 Sports Club Boss Rush

The Boss Rush challenge pits players against a series of Bosses grouped within certain categories. Any team can be used, but no Items are allowed. Boss Rush challenges must be unlocked by completing the previous one and fulfilling certain conditions. Similar to the Knockout Bouts, GP is awarded after each win with a bonus upon successful completion of the Boss Rush. Specifics for each challenge are listed below:

Bosses GP Per Win Clear Bonus Total GP Unlock Conditions
3 120 GP 600 GP 960 GP Clear Chapter 8
4 180 GP 840 GP 1560 GP Defeat Slimamander (BS) or SV Snaggerjag (FS) and Sproink.
5 180 GP 960 GP 1860 GP Defeat Phantasmurai, Tarantutor, Dr. Maddiman, Duwheel, and Chirpster.
5 240 GP 2400 GP 3600 GP Defeat McKraken and clear the Infinite Tunnel six times.
8 240 GP 8400 GP 10320 GP Clear the Infinite Inferno.
8 240 GP 12000 GP 13920 GP Clear the Divine Paradise.