Yo-kai Watch 2 Community Feature — Reed

Yo-kai Watch 2 Reed

Last Sunday's Weekly Mt. Wildwood Official Battle Tournament was an exciting start to the Yo-kai Watch 2 competitive scene. As the winner of last week's tournament, Reed has submitted a description of his team to be shared on Mt. Wildwood so anyone interested can see how he won the grand prize. The rest of this article has been written by Reed himself and represents his own views and strategies.


Hello guys I'm Reed, the winner of the First weekly tournament hosted by 101Leafy from Mt.Wildwood. I have been eagerly awaiting this game for a long time to come westward, and am really excited to join the competitive battling scene. I'm here to share you guys about my winning team in the tournament; I'm also using this team to climb up the Yo-kai Rank from Novice through Rank 6 (about 900 points won now). So, without further ado, my most successful team thus far.

Reed's Team

At A Glance From Top Left Clockwise:
Gleam, Shogunyan, Enduriphant, Slimamander, Betterfly, Sgt.Burly


Gleam @Count Cavity Soul Lv.10
EV : Rough
ATTD : Rough

First is a Rank-S Yo-kai Gleam, my main Attacker. Why Gleam? Crit, that's why. I found out that the meta is really Critical dependant because it bursts through your DEF no matter how much you put into it. Gleam's skill is Light Speed giving him High Chance to deal critical attacks. Count Cavity Soul gives you higher critical damage. You can't equip a Crit Chance boosting Soul because it doesn't stack with Gleam's Skill. Gleam's Attack is Lighting Slash, which lets you hit 3 times in one turn, so you have better chances for one or two being a Crit.

If you're not lucky enough to have Gleam, the other substitution for Gleam is probably Sheen, with the same Skill only lacking stat. Or, if you have 2 Shogunyan, just go for it. The one disadvantage of using Gleam is Speed. Gleam isn't fast enough to be an Attacker.


Shogunyan @Devourer Soul Lv.10
EV : Rough
ATTD : Rough

Shogunyan is so good and also easy to get. Even before post game, you can have him after the Rank-A watch upgrade. Shogunyan's skill is Extreme Critical, which increases Critical damage. Equip the Devourer Soul, which gives you high Crit chances, and he's basically Gleam but way faster. Only thing that isn't good is the fact that he's squishy. SPR EV Frostail/Blizzaria can actually burst your HP down or even one hit you.


Enduriphant @Stinging Soul
EV : Calm
ATTD : Calm

Remember when I said that Gleam isn't fast enough? Here's the answer: DISTRACTION. Enduriphant with Stinging Soul is a perfect distraction for any team. His skill is top tier, retaining 1 HP after a knockout blow. TWICE. Enduriphant has mediocre HP, but his high DEF shrouds this problem.


Betterfly @Nurse Tongus Soul
EV : Devoted
ATTD : Tender

A skill that prevents him from being Inspirited, Paradise healing Technique, Boost All stat Inspirit, Soultimate that heals and boost all your stats. That's what a good support is, and Betterfly has all of it. The Equip can be changed. I have a Nurse Tongus Soul equipped, and it gradually heals adjacent yokai, which is good.


Slimamander @Subzero Soul
EV : Logical
ATTD : Brainy

The reason I'm using Slimamander despite his very bad stats is his Skill that lets him hit all Yo-kai when using Techniques. Subzero Soul changes his Technique to Blizzard. Shogunyan and many other nyan are weak to Ice, so that's a good bonus. I don't know about the Speed tier in Yo-kai Watch 2, so I went for Logical for more Speed. You might want to get Brainy EV for max SPR bonus if you don't care about Speed.

Sgt. Burly

Sgt. Burly @Burly's Wristband
EV : Devoted
ATTD : Devoted

I'm using Burly cause of his high STR, good Inspirit that boost all your stats, and Skill that lets him boost STR of adjacent Yo-kai. Also, he's a Brive Tribe, and having the Unity bonus with Gleam and Shogunyan is nice. If you don't have Burly yet, you can try Kelpacabana. Skill and Inspirit are the same, only thing that you don't get is Unity bonus with the Attacker. The Equip Item is optional though, you can use SPD boost Soul so that burly is faster than your Attacker and they can get a boost first before attacking.


Now comes the fun part: Strategy. In Yo-kai Watch, it's necessary to spin your wheel often when in need. For example, when you're facing Shogunyan Unity boosted with other nyan, it's recommended to spin Enduriphant-Betterfly-Slimamander to the front. Enduriphant can Taunt along with Healing from Betterfly to prolong his existence. Slimamander is going to attack the nyan with Blizzard, which most of the nyan are weak to, including Shogunyan. The key is to read your situation carefully. When an enemy is charging their Soultimate, it's better to spin to only one Yo-kai in front if your other Yo-kai are down. It's also important to keep Shogunyan safe and wait for his Soultimate to charge.

Another important aspect to pay attention to is timing turns. I once battled a guy, I'm taking down his Shogunyan and become greedy to not spin, and lose afterward because his timing at spinning the wheel is perfect. The end of a "turn" is when all 6 front yokai action are done acting, if your enemy has pinned one of your Yo-kai, it's best to pay attention to the turn and spin to the other side so they target other Yo-kai instead, especially if your Yo-kai is a high Speed attacker; they can come next turn and get in one last hit.

Okay, I think that's all from me. Thanks to 101Leafy for hosting the tournament. The community is going bigger now thanks to you. Also, I'm providing a Gleam for next week's Tournament Winner :D