Wibble Wobble Event — Befriend-a-Boss

Mt. Wildwood

Today marks the release of a new Wibble Wobble Event: Befriend-a-Boss! This event allows players to befriend Slimamander, SV Snaggerjag, and Sproink just like regular Yo-kai by battling them on their Stages. Slimamander S Parts, SV Snaggerjag S Parts, and Sproink S Parts have been added to the Crank-a-Kai. When pulled, they can be fused with their respective Yo-kai to form Slimamander S, SV Snaggerjag S, and Sproink S. Additionally, Blizzaria and Beetall have been added to the Crank-a-Kai for a limited time. Come back later today for a detailed guide on everything in this new Event!