Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble — Share the Wealth and Comeback Campaigns Reward Returning Players and Veterans

Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble Comeback Share the Wealth Campaign

Two new Events have been added alongside the 4th of July Event: The Share the Wealth and Comeback Campaigns. Players who have not played Wib Wob in over a month can log back in to instantly receive 10,000 free Y-Money and 2,500 more on the next four days they log in. for a total of 20,000 free Y-Money and a Comeback Coin. The money equates to five free cranks in the Lucky Crank-a-kai, while the Comeback Coin is a reskinned Special Coin with Kyubi Awoken and Venoct Awoken added to it.

Veteran players looking for some free Y-Money are still in luck: tomorrow, June 30, the official Yo-kai Watch Facebook page and Twitter accounts will create posts that players can respond to with their Player Codes (friend codes) for a chance to win 30,000 Y-Money and a Comeback Coin. All players responding to the posts will receive up to 5,000 free Y-Money depending on how many shares and retweets they get, so make sure to share and retweet the posts. There will be one post on both Twitter and Facebook every week for the next five weeks, for a total of 25,000 free Y-Money.

The 4th of July Event is Wib Wob's biggest ever, so it was already the best time to come back to Wib Wob. Now that these Campaigns are running, anyone considering getting into it should log in and give the Lucky Crank-a-kai a few cranks!