Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble — 4th of July Event

Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble 4th of July Event

The biggest Event to ever come to Wib Wob has arrived! Featuring five new Event Yo-kai, three new Event Maps, Event Points to trade in, a 4000y Event Crank, a Pass Yo-kai in the Event Crank, and more, there is plenty to do in the 4th of July Event. The Ultra Liberty Way Map contains a Hidden Stage with Libertynyan S, who even has Tribe Restrictions on his Stage. Many Puni Puni mechanics have finally been implemented into Wib Wob to create what is, by far, the most exciting Event ever.

While the Lucky Crank-a-kai may take most people's attention right away, the normal crank has had Small and Mini Soul Secrets removed. The Lucky Crank-a-kai itself has some changes, too: Unlike Puni Puni's Event Cranks, the Lucky Crank-a-kai only costs 4000y and includes the Fever Time mechanic present in the Dream Roulette. After doing many cranks, Fever Time is temporarily activated to increase the chance of getting a good pull.

In-depth Event coverage, including a complete Event guide, will be coming as soon as possible. The 4th of July Event will run through July 9th. Thank you to LEVEL-5 and NHN for listening to player input and creating the best Event yet.