Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble — Libertynyan SS Tracer Soultimate Move Demonstration

Libertynyan SS' Soultimate Move has been revealed: He is a Tracer, the first of his kind in Wibble Wobble. His Soultimate is the same as some fan favorite Puni Puni Yo-kai's, including the Merican Legend Kirakoma. When Ultra Liberty Shine is used, a star appears on the screen and follows the player's finger for the next few seconds, popping any Wib Wobs it touches. The damage from popping these Wib Wobs is then applied to a multiplier and dealt to a single target to create the strongest Soultimate Move. Tracer Soultimates massively outdamage Single Attackers', such as Demuncher and Chymera.

This Soultimate Move type can be used to grind Y-Money in the most efficient manner possible. It greatly outpaces flooding on three target Stages with an All Attacker and Slurpent because no flooding is needed to make Y-Money with Tracers. Libertynyan SS even gets Tribe Unity with Elder Bloom and Unikirin for increased Attack to make his Soultimate Move even more potent and cement himself as the most powerful Wib Wob. Players should do their best to grind as much Y-Money as possible in preparation for his release tomorrow.