Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble — Soul Secrets S Event

Yo-kai Watch Wib Wob Soul Secrets S

Just as the Select-a-Coin purchase Event correlated with the first Scramble Battle, the Yo-donut Scramble Battle has its own purchase Event: Soul Secrets S. Right after making Soul Secrets much harder for players to crank by introducing Mini Soul Secrets, Small Soul Secrets, and low Rank Yo-kai to the Crank-a-Kai, Soul Secrets S have gone on sale for "everyone who wished [sic] they could make their favorite Yo-kai stronger".

Soul Secrets S give 1.2x the EXP of a normal Soul Secrets, and Super Soul Secrets S give 2.4x EXP. They can both be purchased through Monday, May 22; however, only one of each is available. The Soul Secrets S costs $4.99 while the Super Soul Secrets S costs $7.99. Altogether, $13 can be paid for 3.6 Soul Secrets.