Yo-kai Watch Comic — Issue 1 of 3 Releases

Yo-kai Watch Comic 1

After numerous delays, the first issue of the Yo-kai Watch comic from IDW has released. IDW has announced that the Yo-kai Watch comic is a miniseries, not a full series; there will be three issues, with each focusing on a different time period: past, present, and future. Shogunyan, Jibanyan, and Robonyan will be featured in issues 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

The comic is a fresh take on Yo-kai Watch with nods to the franchise's Japanese origins that will not be found in the localized parts of the Yo-kai Watch Cross Media Project. IDW distributes their comics well, and with each issue priced at $3.99, interested Yo-kai Watch fans should pick up the first issue here.