Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble Event — Yo-Donut Scramble Battle

Yo-donut Scramble Battle

This month's Scramble Battle has begun, and it has a few additions to make it more exciting. All of the new Yo-kai are recent additions to Puni Puni as well, and most of them are viable. The Center Popper Tengu and Zone Popper Tigappa have 650 and 695 Attack respectively, making them some of the most powerful Poppers in Wib Wob. They can both be obtained in the Y-Money Crank-a-Kai and gain an Attack and HP Bonus when Capturing.

The Hidden Stage Yo-kai are Sheen and Snee. Snee is unimpressive as a Horizontal Popper with 509 Attack, but Sheen is a useful Single Attacker with 519 Attack. Combine that with some Brave Unity and he can deal major damage, though he is outclassed by the Crank-a-Kai exclusive Demuncher. Both Sheen and Snee are extremely powerful in their Stages, and as A-Ranks, they will be difficult to befriend.

The final Yo-kai added in this Event is a surprise: Jumbelina. She takes the place of Noko as the Rare appearance Yo-kai. Although a D-Rank Stunner is far from notable in itself, Jumbelina was just added into Puni Puni in the Warner Village update. Her addition to Wib Wob demonstrates that NHN is willing to add any Yo-kai from Yo-kai Watch 1 or 2 to Wib Wob regardless of when they were added to Puni Puni. Yo-kai such as Hissfit, Leadoni, Azure Dragon, Vacuumory, Dromp, and many more will all likely be added to Wib Wob soon.

This time, the additions do not stop at new Yo-kai. For this first time since the first Befriend-a-Boss Event nine months ago, Event Missions have been added to a Wib Wob Event. While few of them give good rewards, it is the thought that counts in this situation; NHN is listening to the fans. Players should make sure to raise Sheen and Snee's Soultimate Move Levels to 3 so they can claim two Scramble Battle Coins from the Event Missions. As a special treat to players with MAXed out Yo-kai, full Soul Secrets have been added to the Scramble Battle Coins.