Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble — Mystery Way Rerun and New Crank-a-Kai Additions

Mystery Way

After many fans requesting it, the Mystery Way Event has returned with some new additions. As usual, there are three Maps of increasing difficulty with the Goldy Bones Boss at the end. When defeated, he might drop a random Crank-a-Kai Coin. All Stages are now 50% more difficult, causing the final Goldy Bones Boss in Ultra Mystery Way to deal over 1000 damage. In exchange, he can now drop Coin Gs when defeated.

There are three Hidden Stages, each with a Yo-kai that can drop a Fusion Item. On Mystery Way's Hidden Stages, these Yo-kai have a much greater chance of dropping it. Hidden Stage 1 contains Payn, who drops the General's Soul. It can be unlocked by clearing Stage 7 in 65 seconds or less. Clearing Stage 19 with a Score of 150,000 or more will unlock Hidden Stage 2, which has Master Oden; he can drop a GHz Orb. Finally, clearing Stage 31 with Zerberker unlocks Hidden Stage 3. Zerberker, the main Yo-kai of Hidden Stage 3, can drop the Shard of Evil.

Additionally, the Crank-a-Kai has been completely overhauled with new Yo-kai in every Rank. There are Rare, Event, and Evolved Yo-kai, so this change will likely only last until the Event ends on May 7th. Happierre Awoken and Venoct Awoken have also been added to the Crank-a-Kai, but they are only available this week.