Yo-kai Watch Comic — Issue 2 Covers Revealed

Yo-kai Watch Comic Issue 2

The covers for issue 2 of the Yo-kai Watch comic have been revealed. The first, featuring Shogunyan and Snartle, is drawn by Dono Sánchez-Almara and will be available to everyone. The second, drawn by Phil Murphy, shows some popular characters from Yo-kai Watch 1 alongside the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero. This cover will only be available to subscribers. The first, second, and third issues will feature Shogunyan, Jibanyan, and Robonyan, respectively.

One interesting note about the subscription cover: The Yo-kai Watch Model Zero is shown with Classic and Z Medals, rather than Yo-Motion Medals. While the anime changes its designs in the dub to match Hasbro's Yo-Motion Medal designs, it seems that the comic will stay loyal to the source material and use Z Medals instead.