Netmarble Announces New Mobile Game, Yo-kai Watch: Medal Wars

Yo-kai Watch Medal Wars

Netmarble, Korean developer of mobile titles such as Marvel: Future Fight and Star Wars: Force Arena, recently announced they are creating a Yo-kai Watch mobile game. No other details are known at the moment other than the fact that it will be released later this year. Netmarble's games are in a variety of genres, so it is difficult to know how Yo-kai Watch: Medal Wars will play. It will likely be free to play, since nearly all of Netmarble's other titles are.

Both Netmarble and NHN are Korean companies, so the localization of Yo-kai Watch: Medal Wars may take a path similar to Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble's. If the game is localized at all, the same communication pitfalls that hurt Wib Wob could come into play during Yo-kai Watch: Medal Wars' as well. It currently has no international release date, but Netmarble typically puts their titles on both iOS and Android, so Android users should be able to easily play Medal Wars when it releases in Korea later this year.