Nintendo Badge Arcade — Yo-kai Watch 2: Shin'uchi and Yo-kai Watch 3 Badges Hint at Localization

Yo-kai Watch 3 badges

While Wib Wob has made the localization of Yo-kai Watch 2: Shin'uchi and Yo-kai Watch Busters all but guaranteed, the localization of Yo-kai Watch 3 has been more up in the air. The only confirmation given so far is thanks to the Kula Sushi Bar Wib Wob collaboration giving USApyon and Cornfuze Wib Wob magnets, but nothing has been directly shown from Yo-kai Watch 3 itself until now. This week's badges include Yo-kai Watch themed ones, and Baito says the following about them:

"YO-KAI WATCH 2 badges! Yup, for the first time. You can grab some Yo-kai badges and even some character badges! Check 'em out if you're interested!"

Yo-kai Watch 3 Badges

Despite Baito claiming the only badges that have been added are Yo-kai Watch 2-themed, an entire set of Yo-kai Watch three badges is available as well. Mac, Keita in his new Yo-kai Watch 3 outfit, and the Yo-kai Watch Dream are all badges that appear on a background taken from one of the first pieces of Yo-kai Watch 3 promotional artwork.

Yo-kai Watch Badge Icons

Badges are separated into categories, and each category has its own icon. The watch category, given to the Model Zero, Dream, and base Yo-kai Watch badges, has a Yo-kai Watch Dream icon. Meanwhile, the human category, given to badges of Yo-kai Watch's human characters, has an icon of Keita in his Yo-kai Watch 3 outfit. The localized version of Nintendo Badge Arcade does not give names to individual badges and names all Yo-kai Watch-themed sets "YO-KAI WATCH set," so no new localized names are available yet.

Yo-kai Watch 2: Shin'uchi Badges

Fans eager for a look at the closer future will be glad to know that another badge hints at the localization of Yo-kai Watch 2: Shin'uchi. A Yo-kai Watch 2-themed set contains Yo-kai Guts K and Yo-kai Guts F badges. While Yo-kai Guts K appears in Wib Wob, Yo-kai Guts F has only appeared in Yo-kai Watch 2: Shin'uchi. This combines with previous evidence, such as Yo-kai Watch 2: Shin'uchi-themed Events in Wib Wob and Snottle merchandise, to almost guarantee its localization.