Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble — New Update Brings New Year's Events

Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble Crank-a-Boss 3x S-Rank Event

Today brings many new Events to Yo-kai Watch Wib Wob. First, in an unexpected twist, doing well in Sailornyan's Score Attack this week will actually reward players with Gargaros. The news update has been changed to reflect this with no further notice being given to players. In addition to this reward change, New Year's Coins will be given instead of Christmas Coins. These coins have been confirmed to have a possibility of dropping Sailornyan, Robokappa, and Robonyan F. Aside from these special drops, the New Year's Coins will likely be the same as 5-Star Coins.

A 3x S-Rank and SS-Rank Event has also been added and will last through January 1st. Players have an increased chance of cranking all S-Ranks as well as the SS-Rank Big Boss and S-Rank Befriend-a-Boss Yo-kai that have been temporarily added to the Crank-a-Kai in the Crank-a-Boss Event through January 1st. As usual, this only applies to 3000y cranks.

While Camellia was mistakenly taken out of the Crank-a-Kai last week, she has been readded this week to 3000y cranks as well as Coins. Finally, new Event Missions have been added that reward Food and a few Christmas Coins as well. These seem to be the final Christmas Coins that will be made available; further Event Missions will likely only reward New Year's Coins.