Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble Update Analysis — Final Infinite Inferno Update and Camellia, Sailornyan, and Busters Big Boss Teasers

Yo-kai Watch Wib Wob Infinite Inferno Update

A surprise Wib Wob update with an equally surprising amount of content has landed today. From Events to new Stages and Yo-kai, this update has everything. Is everything what the Wib Wob meta needs, though? The answer to this is no; the teaser this update contains only suggests a major addition to the problem Komajiro S created.

Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble Double Drop S-Rank Event

Along with content, this update brings with it a double S-Rank drop rate Event. All S-Ranks, including Demuncher, Kingmera, and the Event Yo-kai Darkyubi, have their drop rates doubled though Sunday, December 4th, which is also the final day of the Befriend-a-Boss Event. A new Event will likely come December 5th.

A few small changes in this update have gone unmentioned by NHN and LEVEL-5: Demuncher and Kingmera have now had their Coin drops properly implemented, meaning players who ranked well in last week's Score Attack have a chance at pulling Demuncher in their Red Coin Gs; however, they are the only Yo-kai to be updated in Coins. This is proved by Springdale Data Sciences member The Filthy Goat demonstrating that Mudmunch has not been added to the Red Coin G by being unable to use it in the Crank-a-Kai with every other Yo-kai available in it at Soultimate Level 7.

Yo-kai Watch Wib Wob Thanksgiving Event

The two final Infinite Inferno Circles have been added with this update. As usual, the two Bosses drop Soul Secrets when defeated for the first time, but this final Infinite Inferno update is much more exciting.

A new Boss, Wobblewok, has been added. When defeated, he has a small chance to drop the Shard of Evil. Be mindful of the color of his eyes when fighting him. When Wobblewok's eyes are red, he is vulnerable to Soultimates, and when they are blue, he takes more damage from regular Wib Wob popping. He does not resist any damage during Fever Time.

Yo-kai Watch Wib Wob Chymera

With the addition of the Infinite Inferno's 8th Circle comes Chymera. Players skilled enough to collect every Star in the 8th Circle will clear the new Chymera's Test Mission. Stars in later Stages can be tricky to collect, so using Dracunyan is recommended. His Soultimate can be chained at higher Soultimate Levels for easy Fever Times and Bonus Balls, making clearing Stars much easier.

Chymera is an extremely desirable Yo-kai. He is currently the only Single Attacker in the game to have a Soultimate equal in power to Demuncher's, making him a must-have for Score Attack. When performing the normal Flooding method he is more powerful than Komashura, and his advantage will only increase if Slurpent releases without extensive changes. Komashura works for Flooding, but Chymera is almost twice as powerful as Komashura despite his slightly lower Attack stat.

Chymera may have 65 less Attack than Demuncher, but Brave and Mysterious have no Tribes they are both neutral against. There will always be an obvious choice between one or the other. As a Mission reward, Chymera is effectively a Legend; in other words, he can only be Leveled using Soul Secrets. Demuncher can be cranked from the Crank-a-Kai and will eventually be outclassed by Last Bushinyan, so spending Soul Secrets on Chymera is a much better idea. Robonyan 3000 will eventually outclass Chymera, but he will come even later than Last Bushinyan.

Yo-kai Watch Wib Wob Poofessor

With Chymera being available to players, Poofessor can finally be unsealed from the Medallium, and his Soultimate is amazing for PvE play. Poofessor is an All Attacker like Komashura with an equal strength Soultimate, but he has another effect: Pooped Out Stuns all enemies for nine seconds at Level 7.

This may seem like only a good thing at first, but Stunners' Soul Meters can not be charged while their Stun is active, meaning Poofessor can not be used to flood. As a result, he is virtually unusable in Score Attack, but that is not meant to be his niche anyway; his long Stun and All Attack makes him the best Yo-kai for playing Stages with multiple enemies in them.

Yo-kai Watch Wib Wob Poofessor

Players looking for raw damage may wish to look elsewhere. Poofessor's low Attack of 463 makes him a worse damage dealer than the 630 Attack Komashura. Even worse, the Shady Blandon and Nul heavily outdamage him, dealing around twice the damage he does when MAXed, but only to a single target. Overall, just like Spoilerina, Poofessor is great for players having difficulty with Stages, but Score Attack players should save their Soul Secrets.

Yo-kai Watch Wib Wob Camellia

That may be it for all of the playable content this update has added, but it is teasing much more. Medallium slots for four Yo-kai have been added. Past patterns have shown that empty Medallium slots are typically filled in the next update, meaning all four of these Yo-kai will likely be involved in the new Event on December 4th.

Yo-kai Watch Wib Wob Camellia

The first Yo-kai being teased is Number 125, Camellia. She is a Brave Yo-kai that made her series-wide debut in Puni Puni, a first for the series. Her Soultimate is a 100pt All Attack with a hefty 466 HP Heal on the side. Her Attack is a little low at 464, but she will fit right in with the dominant PvE Tribe, and users of The Filthy Goat's Score Attack method will definitely want to use her. There are currently no other Brave or Tough Yo-kai with a powerful All Attack Soultimate, meaning she is the only choice when attempting to flood against the opening trios in Score Attack.

Camellia was added to the Y-Money Crank-a-Kai in Puni Puni, so she can be expected to get the same treatment in Wib Wob. Of course, with Komajiro S being exclusive to Thanksgiving Coins in Wib Wob, it is impossible to predict what NHN might do next.

Yo-kai Watch Wib Wob Sailornyan

The next three Yo-kai being teased are all Charming Yo-kai. Sailornyan, Number 423, is a Healer that was originally given out through a Secret Code in Puni Puni. None of Wib Wob's Secret Codes so far have given out Yo-kai, but with the recent resurgence of the Secret Code function in Wib Wob, Sailornyan being given out through one is a possibility. Given the pattern of Secret Code use for Wib Wob, she will most likely be put in the Y-Money Crank-a-Kai or given out through an Event Mission.

Yo-kai Watch Wib Wob Red J

Sailornyan may not be a terribly exciting addition, but proper Score Attack Big Bosses certainly are. Red J and Mighty Dog have both been added to the Medallium. Red J is the most powerful Center Popper Wib Wob has had so far. He is one Soultimate Level stronger than Cruncha and has 25 more Attack, making him great for PvE Charming teams. Unfortunately, his Soultimate is not good for Score Attack.

Yo-kai Watch Wib Wob Red J

Mighty Dog is the game's first Bonus Ball Maker. He makes four Bonus Balls on the board, and leveling his Soultimate decreases the size of his Soul Meter. The Bonus Balls he creates count towards Star requirements, making him great for collecting difficult Stars. Mighty Dog has no place on Score Attack teams, but his new Soultimate type is a welcome addition that will ease the pain of collecting Stars.

More proper Score Attack Big Bosses will strengthen the weekly competition. Normally this would be a good thing, but greater competition will only serve to illustrate NHN's mistake in Komajiro S' distribution. Hopefully, they will fix this by making Komajiro S or Unikirin available in the Y-Money Crank-a-Kai when the next Event launches on or around December 5, but it would not be surprising if they did not.

Credit goes to Game8 for the Puni Puni screenshots.