Announcing the First Weekly Mt. Wildwood Official Battle Tournament!

Yo-kai Watch 2 Tournament

Now that everyone has had some time to settle in with Yo-kai Watch 2, it is time for the first Weekly Mt. Wildwood Official Battle Tournament! The tournament begins Sunday at 11:00 AM CST. Here are the rules:

1. All battles must be fought using the Official Battle ruleset.
2. All Yo-kai must be set to Level 60.
3. All nicknames are allowed.
4. Anyone using the following Yo-kai will be immediately and permanently banned from all Weekly Official Battle Tournaments: Any Kaima/Wicked Tribe Yo-kai, Maskednyan, and Wondernyan.
5. All other Yo-kai are legal.

The top three players will receive difficult to obtain Yo-kai as rewards. All of this week's rewards except for Mermadonna have been kindly provided by Joeymite. They are:

1st Place - Choose one: Cruncha or Count Cavity, Mermadonna, and Dracunyan
2nd Place - Cruncha or Count Cavity (whichever 1st Place does not choose) and Dracunyan
3rd Place - Dracunyan

Sign up for the tournament here! Participants must set their display names to include their friend code by clicking "Your Settings". People from the subreddit and the Discord are also invited, so there should be a lot of participants.