Weekly Mt. Wildwood Official Battle Tournament Rules and Procedures

Yo-Kai Watch 2 Tournament

Every Sunday, Mt. Wildwood holds a Yo-Kai Watch 2 tournament for its community members to compete in. Anyone can join, and the top three competitors win rare Yo-Kai, so anyone interesting in competing should give it a try. To keep the event running smoothly, there are rules and procedures in place that must be followed.

The Rules

  • 1. All battles must be fought using the Official Battle ruleset.

  • 2. Tournaments are held in a best of one format. No rematches are permitted, unless they are only for fun.

  • 3. Due to only being available through illegitimate means, anyone using the following Yo-Kai will be immediately and permanently banned from all Weekly Official Battle Tournaments: Kaima/Wicked Tribe Yo-Kai, Jewelnyans, and Maskednyan.

  • 4. All other Yo-Kai are legal.

  • Procedures

    Tournaments begin at 2:00 PM CST and managed on Challonge. Players must create an account on Challonge to sign up for a tournament. The following information must be included in each participant's Name: Username, character name, and friend code. For example: "101Leafy (Keita) 2836-0120-3213". Tournament Names can be changed under the "Your Settings" tab on the tournament's page. Players must check within an hour of the tournament beginning.

    Once the tournament begins, players have 20 minutes to battle each other and report the winner in the comments section of the tournament page, located under the "Discussion" tab. The next round begins immediately after the previous one ends. Any players that are unable to be battled due to not providing a friend code or not connecting online will be given an automatic loss. Matches with unreported results will have the winnder decided at random. Please be honest when reporting match results.

    After the tournament finishes, the top three participants will be contacted by 101Leafy so they can receive their prizes. Prize Yo-Kai will be given through trading; unfortunately, the recipients are required by the game to give a Yo-Kai to 101Leafy during the trade, so worthless, easy to obtain Yo-Kai such as Pandle are recommended for use during this process.