Yo-kai Watch 2 Guide — Fusing Rare Souls For a Competitive Advantage

Yo-kai Watch 2 Rare Souls

Regular Equipment is fine for the story mode, but it can not compete with Souls in a competitive setting. Souls can give almost equal stat bonuses as top tier Equipment without any downsides. Additionally, Souls can provide unique and powerful effects. Yo-kai can be turned into Souls at the Temple of Viture. While some of these Souls alone can be very strong, such as the Soul Gauge replenishing Oranyan Soul, Souls themselves can be Fused together to make even stronger Souls. These Rare Souls can only be created with certain combinations of Souls, all of which are listed in this guide.

How to Make Rare Souls

When using the Soulcery option to Level Up Souls, attempting to fuse two Souls will occasionally result in a warning. Instead of Levelling Up the base Soul, the attempted Fusion would create a new Rare Soul. Rare Souls' effects are entirely unique and can be completely game-changing when used in the right way. The Souls required to make each Rare Soul and the resulting Rare Souls' effects are listed below:

Yo-kai 1 Yo-kai 2 Rare Soul Effect
Blazion Flamurice The holder's Attack gains Fire Attribute.
Appak Chummer The holder's Attack gains Water Attribute.
Pupsicle Draaagin The holder's Attack gains Ice Attribute.
Frazzel Komiger The holder's Attack gains Lightning Attribute.
Abodabat Blandon The holder's Attack gains Wind Attribute.
Mistank Mr. Sandmeh The holder's Attack gains Earth Attribute.
Swelterrier Tunatic The holder's Technique becomes Incinerate.
Faux Kappa Drizzle The holder's Technique becomes Waterfall.
Blizzaria Alhail The holder's Technique becomes Blizzard.
Tengu Smogmella The holder's Technique becomes Tornado.
Sir Berus Eyesoar The holder's Technique becomes Meteor.
Signiton Statiking The holder's Technique becomes Voltage.
Boyclops Faysoff Enemy Techniques have no Attribute.
Scarasol Impass The holder will only Guard.
Heheheel Croonger The holder takes less damage when Guarding.
Allnyta Greesel The holder's Inspirits never miss.
Pinkipoo Cupistol Increases chances of befriending enemy Yo-kai. Does not stack with Popularity.
Beetall Rhinormous Allies will not Loaf.
Snaggly Whinona The enemy's Yo-kai become more difficult to Purify.
Dazzabel Leadoni The holder gains a permanent Taunt, forcing all enemies to target it.
Ol' Fortune Chilhuahua The holder's attacks pierce resistances.
Dimmy Blandon The holder gains permanent Stealth, preventing enemies from targeting it.
Chymera Nekidspeed The holder gains a preemptive attack the first time they are in the front line.
Swelton Mirapo The player can spin their wheel for a longer time. Negates Spin-no-rama.
N'more Furdinand Enemy Restoration Techniques are weakened.
Pandanoko Hurchin Wisps appear more often. Does not work in multiplayer battles.
Robonyan Hornaplenty When rotating into the front line, the holder will guard.