Yo-kai Watch 2 Guide — All Mirapo Locations With Maps

Yo-kai Watch 2 Mirapo Guide

Mirapo can be found in many areas of Yo-kai Watch 2. At 28 in total it can be easy to miss a few, but locating all of them is important. Mirapo can be used to warp between any previously found Mirapo, and finding all 28 of them grants a Bronze Trophy. This guide contains a list of all Mirapo in the order they are listed on the Mirapo warp screen along with a map screenshot showing each Mirapo's exact location. For locations with Mirapo inside such as Everymarts, a map with the entrance to the location is provided instead.

Area Location Map
Uptown Springdale Home (2nd Floor)
Uptown Springdale Everymart Uptown
Uptown Springdale Piggleston Bank
Uptown Springdale Lambert Post Office
Uptown Springdale Jungle Hunter
Uptown Springdale Springdale Elementary
Mt. Wildwood Mt. Wildwood Shrine
Mt. Wildwood Mt. Wildwood Summit
Blossom Heights Wayfarer Manor
Blossom Heights Timers & More
Blossom Heights Everymart Blossom Heights
Blossom Heights Heights - Shoten Temple
Blossom Heights Infinite Inferno - 1st Circle
Downtown Springdale Everymart Downtown
Downtown Springdale Springdale Sports Club
Downtown Springdale Springdale Central Station
Shopper's Row Shopper's Row
Shopper's Row Everymart Shopper's Row
Breezy Hills Breezy Hills
Breezy Hills Everymart Breezy Hills
Breezy Hills Gourd Pond Museum - Vault
Excellent Tower Excellent Tower
San Fantastico San Fantastico Station Plaza
San Fantastico San Fantastico - The Wharf
Harrisville Harrisville - Temple of Virtue
Harrisville Grandma's House
Harrisville Fullface Rock
Near Station Plaza Harrisville Station Plaza