Yo-kai Watch 2 Guide — Supplementing Stat Growth and Changing Behavior With Attitudes

Yo-kai Watch 2 Attitudes

A Yo-kai's Attitude is central to their use. Attitudes control how often a Yo-kai performs each possible action: Attack, Technique, and Inspirit. They also provide bonuses to stat growth. This guide lists all Attitudes, their effects, and which book gives each Attitude. Seriousness, the second part of a Yo-kai's Attitude, is also explained.

How Attitudes Work

Attitudes have two functions: Infulencing stat growth and changing a Yo-kai's behavior. There are two types of Attitudes: Weak Attitudes and Strong Attitudes. Weak Attitudes give small bonuses to two stats and make a Yo-kai slightly more likely to perform a certain action. With the exception of Devoted, Strong Attitudes give a big bonus to one stat and make a Yo-kai almost exclusively perform a certain action.

Stat bonuses from Attitudes are slowly granted as a Yo-kai gains experience. Bonuses from Attitudes are not retroactive, so changing a Yo-kai's Attitude at Level 99 is only useful for influencing their actions. If a mix of Attitude bonueses is desired, a Yo-kai's Attitude can be changed at a later Level to receive a fraction of an Attitude's bonus.

It must be noted that Yo-kai below Level 60 will not receive Attitude bonuses when levelled up for Official Battles. In order for an Attitude's stat bonus to take full effect, the Yo-kai must be levelled up to Level 60 before being used in an Official Battle.

Attitudes also influence how a Yo-kai behaves in battle. Besides Loafing, There are four possible actions a Yo-kai can perform in battle: Attack, Technique, Inspirit, and Guard. Yo-kai that Inspirit allies can not become Twisted or Cruel. Likewise, Yo-kai that Inspirit enemies can not become Helpful or Devoted. Yo-kai with offensive Techniques can not become Gentle or Tender, and Yo-kai with Restoration Attribute Techniques can not become Logical or Brainy.

There is one exception to this: A glitch that was present in the original Yo-kai Watch returns in Yo-kai Watch 2. When cranked, Shadow Venoct has a chance to be Logical. It is highly recommended to keep this Attitude until he has reached Level 60, because the Spirit and Speed boost is a powerful combination on him.

All Attitude books can be bought at the Settle In Bookstore in Shopper's Row. Weak Attitude books cost $50.00 while Strong Attitude books cost $100.00. Books for Strong Attitudes can not be bought until after the main story is cleared. Every Attitude is listed below, alternating between Weak (two stat bonuses) and Strong (one stat bonus) Attitudes.

Attitude + Stat 1 + Stat 2 Action Book
Grouchy HP +26 STR +9 Attack Think Karate
Rough STR +26 N/A Attack Use Karate
Logical SPR +13 SPD +13 Technique Skill Compendium
Brainy SPR +26 N/A Technique Skill Encyclopedia
Careful SPR +13 DEF +13 Guard Get Guarding
Calm DEF +26 N/A Guard Guard Gloriously
Gentle HP +26 SPR +13 Technique (Ally) Li'l Angel Heals
Tender HP +52 N/A Technique (Ally) Bye, Li'l Angel
Twisted STR +13 SPD +13 Inspirit (Enemy) The Pest's Quest
Cruel SPD +26 N/A Inspirit (Enemy) The Perfect Pest
Helpful HP +26 SPD +13 Inspirit (Ally) Support Life #7
Devoted STR +13 DEF +13 Inspirit (Ally) Support Special


Besides their primary Attitude, every Yo-kai has a secondary Seriousness Level. Whenever a Yo-kai performs an action, there is a chance they will instead Loaf for the turn. When Loafing, a Yo-kai does nothing and is suseptible to Poking. Unlike Attitudes, there is no room for customization with Seriousness. There are six Seriousness Levels, each giving a different chance of Loafing. As a Yo-kai's Seriousness increases, their chance of Loafing decreases. A Yo-kai's Seriousness can be increased using the book A Serious Life, which can be purchased at the Settle In Bookstore in Shopper's Row. The Seriousness Levels, in order of progression, are: Clumsy, Sloppy, Carefree, Casual, and Stiff, and Serious.

Higher Rank Yo-kai are unable to reach the higher Loafing Levels. The highest Loafing Level S and A-Ranks are able to reach is Casual, while B and C-Ranks can only reach Stiff. D and E-Ranks are capable of reaching the highest Seriousness Level, Serious. This creates an interesting dynamic: While higher Rank Yo-kai are much more powerful, there is a much higher chance of them Loafing each turn.