Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble — Yo-Cake Scramble Battle Event Guide

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Yo-Cake Scramble Battle Event

The Yo-Cake Scramble Battle is Wibble Wobble’s biggest Event yet. It is a reskinned version of the Manjuu Competition Event in Puni Puni to remove all references to Yo-Kai Watch 2: Shin’uchi and manjuu with a few other differences as well. Players choose a team and compete against other teams as well as players within their own on a new Event Map to earn valuable prizes.

There are four periods that last four days each during every Scramble Battle. During this four day period, players attempt to earn the most Yo-Cakes for their team by playing Event Stages and breaking Yo-Cake boxes. The Yo-Cakes players earn are added to the total score of their team. The most successful team earns 5000y at the end of the period, with second place getting 2500y and 3rd place only receiving 1000y. At the end of each period, scores reset and players may choose new teams.

Teams and Rewards

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Yo-Cake Teams

When first beginning the Yo-Cake Scramble Battle Event, players are presented with a choice: Red, Blue, or Yellow team. The team which earns the most Yo-Cakes will receive money, while the individual players who contribute the most to their team will earn even more valuable prizes, which will be covered later. Choosing a team requires a great deal of meta gaming: While the Blue Team is currently the most popular, this means that the most competitive players thought the best choice would be to choose the less popular teams. In turn, this made Blue Team the best choice for both individual and team scoring, since the few players who chose Red and Yellow were generally the most competitive.

Most importantly of all the Bonuses are the ones that Kyryn and Mermother grant. These Yo-Kai both give a 50% Bonus to Contribution Points earned; anyone who does not have these Yo-Kai can simply not compete at a high level. Kyryn is currently available in the Y-Money Crakn-a-Kai, and Mermother will be soon. Komajiro S, who can be made by fusing Komajiro A with Komajiro (D), also grants a 30% Bonus to Contribution Points earned. All three of these Yo-Kai must be used once available to compete for Unikirin.

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Unikirin

Ultimately, teams are more about the players on the teams than the team’s popularity. Team rewards are simply money; individual rewards are far greater. While Unikirin, the final Yo-Kai required to unseal Slurpent, the most powerful Wib Wob, is permanently available to all Puni Puni players in the Y-Money Crank-a-Kai, NHN has finally made him available in Wib Wob to only the top 5 ranking members on each team. The top 5 will also receive 5000y, 3 Coin Gs, and Super Soul Secrets.

The rest of the rewards brackets are different from Score Attack’s as well. They are: 6-15, 16-25, 26-35, 36-50, 51-75, 76-100, 101-150, 151-250, 251-500, 501-1000, 1001-2500, 2501-5000, 5001-10000, 10001-25000.

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Yo-Cake Rewards

Lower ranking players can still earn Y-Money, an A-Rank version of Jibanyan, Komasan, or Komajiro, Crank-a-Kai Coins, and Items. Particularly noteworthy reward brackets: The top 75 players receive Coin Gs, top 26-100 receive an A-Rank mascot, top 6-35 receive a Soul Secrets, and the top 6-25 will receive a crankable Event Yo-Kai available during this Event. The first period gives Kyryn and Komasan A, the second gives Kyryn and Jibanyan A, while the final two will give Mermother and Komajiro A to high and lower ranking players respectively.

Event Map

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Yo-Cake Event Map

A new, big Event Map is available, and its contents differ slightly depending on the team chosen. There are a few constants: Hanako and Pittapatt are each available on one of the two Hidden Stages, there are 22 regular Stages, 2 Boss Stages, and 2 Capture Stages. The Stages are all on one Map and progressively get more difficult, though none of them are too challenging. Stars reset every period, so Star collectors will need to prioritize obtaining every Star four times.

The two Boss Stages will each contain one of the mascots of the two teams not chosen by the player. For example, Blue Team’s Boss Stages are Jibanyan (D) and Komajiro (D). In the first period, the two Hidden Stages are unlocked by using the featured Boss Yo-Kai; for example, if a player clears a Boss Stage that contains Jibanyan (D) with Jibanyan (D) on their team, they will unlock a Hidden Stage. Please note that the A and S-Rank versions of these Yo-Kai will not work.

The Hidden Stage unlock conditions change every period. During the second period, Stage 23's Hidden Stage can be unlocked by creating a Big Wib Wob of Size 25 or more, while Stage 24's Hidden Stage is unlocked by beating Stage 24 in 70 seconds or less.

While both Hidden Stages contain an exclusive Yo-Kai, neither of them are particularly useful. Pittapatt is an E-Rank, Mysterious All Attacker with 167 HP and 246 Attack, while Hanako is a C-Rank, Eerie Single Attacker with 242 HP and 353 Attack. Both are easily outclassed by many other Yo-Kai and Hanako is unable to evolve in Wibble Wobble, so they are only worth befriending once for Medallium completion.

Collecting Yo-Cakes

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Yo-Cakes

Whenever a Wib Wob is popped, there is a chance a Yo-Cake box will spawn. Boxes spawn at a random size, with higher Level Stages having a higher chance of yielding larger boxes. Broken boxes give an amount of Yo-Cakes that correlates with their size, from one to 13. Boxes are only broken when their health is completely depleted.

Unlike Event Point balls, Yo-Cake boxes can not be popped through tapping; instead, their health only decreases if a Size 5 or larger Wib Wob is popped while touching them or of they are struck by a popping Soultimate Move. The larger the Wib Wob, the more damage it deals to the box. Soultimate Moves deal marginal damage and are not always guaranteed to hit in the case of Random Poppers, so they should not be relied on.

If the Stage is cleared, the amount of Yo-Cakes gathered is multiplied by 10 and added to the player’s individual Contribution Score. This is how players are ranked individually; however, Yo-Cakes are not multiplied when added to the team total, and no Yo-Cakes are earned if the player is defeated and does not continue. If a friend is playing on the cleared Stage, an extra Yo-Cake is automatically earned.


Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Scramble Battle Invasion

After clearing an Event Stage, there is a chance for an enemy team to invade a Stage. When this happens, the team’s mascot appears as an additional, more powerful Yo-Kai on the Stage. In exchange for this increase in difficulty, two Yo-Cake boxes can drop at once, making gathering Yo-Cakes through popping Big Wib Wobs much faster.

Additionally, a successful defense awards a 125% Bonus to the base Contribution Score granted for that Stage. For example, gathering 18 Yo-Cakes would create a 180 base Contribution Score and 225 Defense Successful Bonus, totaling to 405 Contribution gained before other Bonuses are applied. Invasions occur entirely at random and can occur in succession.


Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Capture

Scramble Battles introduce an entirely new gameplay mechanic: Capturing. One Capture Stage is available for each enemy team, and they are unlocked by clearing the team’s corresponding Boss Stage. For example, clearing the Boss Stage with Jibanyan (D) will unlock the Red Team’s Capture Stage.

Capture Stages allow players to passively earn Yo-Cakes by stealing them from an enemy team. When selecting a Capture Stage, the only information given is the Stage’s Tribe, which is determined at random upon unlocking and after every successful Capture. After selecting the Capture Stage, players are presented with a menu that allows them to make a team of five Yo-Kai to send on a Capture mission. Any Yo-Kai used on a Capture Stage will be unusable until they return from their Capture.

Yo-Cakes are stolen passively. The amount of Yo-Cakes stolen during a Capture mission is determined by the total Attack stat of the team created, while the time the mission takes is determined by the team’s HP. Capturing will never take more than three hours, but there is no base amount of Yo-Cakes stolen. Tribe Unity and Watch effects still give their normal Bonuses to the capturing team’s stats.

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Capture Team

There are also some other, unique Bonuses at play on Capture Stages. A flat Bonus to the team’s HP and Attack is given for every Tribe Compatible Yo-Kai on the team, with the exact amount depending on Rank:

Rank Attack Bonus HP Bonus
E 25 50
D 38 75
C 50 100
B 75 150
A 100 200
S 150 300
SS 200 400

In addition to this Tribe Bonus, another flat Bonus is applied for every Soultimate Level a Yo-Kai has. This Bonus increases with the Yo-Kai’s Rank. The correlation between the Bonus granted, Soultimate Level, and Rank is currently being investigated.

The amount of seconds shaved off of the base 180 minute Capture time is equal to 117.5% of a team’s HP. In other words, the time it will take for a team to complete a Capture mission in minutes can be calculated with: 180-((1.175*HP)/60). Of course, the amount of time it takes to complete a Capture mission in hours can then be calculated with: 3-((1.175*HP)/3600).

The amount of Yo-Cakes gathered during a Capture is much simpler: 5% of the team’s total Attack.

When Yo-Kai return from the Capture, they bring with them bonus Items. These bonuses always include a random amount of Y-Money and may include random Items as well. These Items can be anything, including Exporbs, Crank-a-Kai Coins, Rare Fusion Items, and even Soul Secrets. It is within every player’s best interest to Capture as often as possible.


On the fourth and final day of each period, one Plunder Stage per enemy team appears on the Map alongside the Capture Stages. Plundering works exactly the same as Capturing with one key difference: when the Capture team returns from its mission, a slot machine is spun. Then, a multiplier is applied to the plundered Yo-Cakes: x2, x10, or x100.

The possibility of the x10 and x100 multipliers along with at least a guaranteed x2 multiplier makes the final day of each period incredibly volatile; a dominating team can lose their lead extremely fast on the final day if the opposing teams are lucky with their Plunders.

Bonus Yo-Kai

Special Yo-Kai get Bonuses during the Event. Jibanyan S deals double damage to enemy Yo-Kai, while Darkyubi deals 2.5x damage to Yo-Cake boxes. Arachnia gains a 2.5x damage multiplier against Yo-Cake boxes as well and is currently available in the Y-Money Crank-a-Kai. Komasan S also deals more damage to Yo-Cake boxes, but his Bonus is not as big as Darkyubi and Arachnia’s; his damage is only doubled. Using at least one of these three Yo-Kai is essential to quickly grinding Yo-Cakes.

Many Yo-Kai gain Bonuses when Capturing. Illuminoct gains 2.5x Attack while Shogunyan, Komashura, Elder Bloom, and Dandoodle get double attack. Similarly, Uber Geeko, who will be available in the Y-Money Crank-a-Kai later during the Event, gets a 2.5x HP Bonus with Gilgaros, Spoilerina, and Poofessor getting a double HP Bonus. While Unkeen will also be available in the Y-Money Crank-a-Kai during this Event, he does not gain any Bonus.

The final Yo-Kai that gain Bonuses when Capturing are Kyubi Awoken and Arachnus Awoken, who both gain a 50% Bonus to both their HP and Attack. Blizzaria Awoken is listed as gaining a Bonus too, but she is currently unavailable in Wib Wob.

The addition of Scramble Battles mark a much more exciting future for Wib Wob. There will be one Scramble Battle held each month over a 16-day period, which means there will be much more to do each month than before. If the Yo-Cake Scramble Battle is not recycled, April's Scramble Battle may be Yo-Kai Sangokushi-themed.