Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble — Flatpot Plains Update Guide

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Flatpot Plains Update

Today marks another Map addition to Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble: Flatpot Plains! Aside from the month long Happy Holidays Event, a Map has been added monthly. This means players can expect the final Map, Old Springdale, to release in early February. The pictures in this guide will be updated later today.

Flatpot Plains introduces four new Yo-Kai to recruit: Eyesoar, Supyo, Confuze, and Appak. Eyesoar can be befriended on the first Hidden Stage in Flatpot Plains: Hidden Stage 24. It can be unlocked by completing Stage 234 using Faux Kappa, who can be recruited on San Fantastico’s Hidden Stage 21. Faux Kappa’s Hidden Stage is unlocked by clearing Stage 197 with Walkappa.

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Eyesoar

Eyesoar’s favorite Food is Meat, so players looking to recruit him should use the three-star Food Beef Tongue because the four-star Marbled Beef is far too expensive for a small increase in effect. Eyesoar is an All Attacker, making him useful for farming Y-Money; however, his Level 7 Soultimate only deals 83pt of damage, making him two Soultimate Levels weaker than Komashura and Sproink S. His 507 Attack leaves a lot to be desired even when boosted to 532 by the Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero. Eyesoar’s 356 HP, or 373 with the Model Zero, is equally unimpressive.

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Supyo

The developers have mistakenly named Supyo "Appak" and left Appak out of the update. This should be rectified soon.

Supyo is the next newly obtainable Yo-Kai on Flatpot Plains. He can be found on Hidden Stage 25 after unlocking it by clearing Stage 250 after achieving a Combo of 50 or more. His favorite Food is Sushi, so the cheap, three-star Salmon Roe Sushi should be bought over the four-star Fatty Tuna Sushi, which costs almost eight times more.

Supyo is the strongest Diagonal Popper in the game with a 93pt Soultimate Move, but he is still a Popper. He is in the powerful Charming Tribe, so using him on a team with other strong Charming Yo-Kai such as Jibanyan S and Spoilerina is the best choice for clearing Stages; however, as a Popper, he is virtually useless in Score Attack. With 363 HP, 499 Attack, and no Model Zero compatibility, Supyo is a good choice for Charming aggression teams, but not a great one.

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Appak

Supyo is a recolor of Appak, who can also be obtained in the new update by clearing the new Mission Appak’s Trial. After reaching a Combo of 88 or more on Stage 257 and clearing it, head to the Missions menu to receive the only Appak in the game.

Appak is virtually the same as Supyo with a 93pt Diagonal Popper Soultimate Move, no Model Zero compatibility, and poor stats. 348 HP and 517 Attack make him a marginally better choice than Supyo, but anyone looking to use a kappa on their team should use the fantastic Faux Kappa instead.

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Confuze

The final new Yo-Kai introduced with Flatpot Plains is the Stunner Confuze, but he is easy to miss. Confuze is a Rare appearance on Stage 243. Confuze’s favorite Food is Candy, so players looking to befriend him should not be afraid to buy the cheap, four-star Candy Apples.

His Soultimate Move is, like most others in this update, not fantastic. He Stuns for eight seconds with a Soul Meter of 13. Outclassed by the easily obtainable Skreek and made obsolete by the Legend Poofessor, Confuze is only impressive as a B-Rank with a staggering 550 HP. He only has 298 Attack and is not compatible with the Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero, but his HP is certainly noteworthy for a B-Rank.

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Slurpent

While all four of these Yo-Kai are not viable for Score Attack, they also have something else in common: they are all required to unseal the Legend Yo-Kai Slurpent. While it is incredibly likely, if not guaranteed, that Slurpent will be nerfed in his Wib Wob iteration, Slurpent’s Soultimate Move grows 6-7 Wib Wobs to Size 6-8 in Puni Puni. This powerful Yo-Kai worthy of the Legend title will be covered in detail when he becomes available after his final Seal Yo-Kai, Unikirin, is added to the Crank-a-Kai in the coming weeks.

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Flatpot Plains Bosses Arachnus and Toadal Dude

Players who make it to the end of Flatpot Plains will be faced with a challenging first: a double Boss. The generals of the Bony Spirits and the Fleshy Souls, Arachnus and Toadal Dude, have joined forces to create a tough (and Eerie) Boss fight. As Bosses, neither can be befriended.

Toadal Dude should be focused first. While Arachnus only has 221 Attack, Toadal Dude has 318 Attack and 106 less HP. His attacks will occasionally shake Wib Wobs around the playing field just as Massiface does, so Big Wib Wobs should be popped before he attacks.

While working on defeating Toadal Dude, players should watch out for Arachnus’ Soultimate Move. Arachnus will create a spider web on top of Wib Wobs’ Soul Meters that prevents them from filling. The spider webs can be removed by tapping on them repeatedly.

Players having difficulty defeating the general duo should use powerful targeted attackers to deal big damage. Venoct Awoken will deal the most damage out of any Yo-Kai while providing a long Stun, but players who do not have him can use Poofessor if they want a similar effect. Demuncher and Chimera can also be used for major single target damage, while Komashura can be used to defeat both generals at once.

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Untidy

If Arachnus and Toadal Dude are defeated in 225 seconds or less, the third Circle of the Divine Paradise will be unlocked. While nothing particularly exciting awaits in most of its Stages, another Kaima Executive awaits at the end: Untidy.

Untidy’s favorite Food is Meat, so buying the three-star Beef Tongue is an easy choice. He is the first S-Rank Defense Upper to be added to Wib Wob. Untidy’s Soultimate Move gives a smooth 100pt of Defense for five seconds at the cost of only 8 Soul Points. While Untidy should never be used on a Score Attack team, he is an excellent choice for difficult Stages, especially when combined with other Wicked Yo-Kai.

Untidy boasts the highest HP in the game at a monstrous 801, but his compatibility with the Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero brings this up to 841 HP. He only has 401 Attack or 428 with the Model Zero, but since his Soultimate Move is not offensive, his Attack is of little concern anyway.

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Kyryn

Just in case some players are unimpressed with the wealth of content introduced in this update, NHN has them covered with a new Crank-a-Kai Event: The powerful S-Rank Kyryn has been temporarily added to the Y-Money Crank-a-Kai. Kyryn is an Heartful All Attacker with a great 100pt of damage on his Soultimate Move, but some players may disregard him in favor of Komashura, whose Soultimate Move has 120pt of damage; however, Kyryn has a few tricks up his sleeve that make him a fair competitor.

While his 423 HP and 605 Attack make him identical to Swelterrier on the surface, he is far better in practice. First, Kyryn is a Classic Yo-Kai, so his stats are boosted to 444 HP and 635 Attack. His Attack is boosted further through the use of Elder Bloom, who is also a Heartful Yo-Kai. Once Unikirin is added later this month, Kyryn can truly shine.

As a Heartful, 100pt Attack Upper, Unikirin should be used in conjunction with Elder Bloom and Kyryn to gain a 20% Heartful Tribe Unity Bonus. This gives Kyryn 528 HP and an incredible 756 Attack that makes up for his lower Soultimate Level in comparison with Komashura.

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Count Cavity

Anyone unable to pull Swelterrier should do their best to pull the fantastic Kyryn, who is a suitable substitute for Komashura on Y-Money farming teams. The urgency to pull Kyryn is raised further thanks to this week’s Score Attack Big Boss: Count Cavity. Count Cavity is a Shady Tribe Yo-Kai, so Kyryn gets a 50% damage Bonus against him. Kyryn is a must-have for players who use The Filthy Goat’s Score Attack method.

While that may be all for this week’s update, players can expect Unikirin and Old Springdale to arrive over the next month. After pulling a Kyryn, saving Y-Money to pull Unikirin as soon as possible is the best idea due to him being the final Yo-Kai required to unseal Slurpent.

Mt. Wildwood updates and guides are back in full force! While a completely revamped Yo-Kai Medallium and other exciting additions will be coming later this month, Mt. Wildwood fans can look forward to more consistent and timely news updates and guides from here on out. Thank you for reading, and please look forward to the improvements coming in a few weeks!

Special thanks to lunix57 and Team Nakahashi for providing the placeholder pictures in this guide.